As a leader in logistics,
Tranztec knows communication is key

Communication starts with connections.
We connect business to the people and data which matter most to them.

It is our passion. Our philosophy. We design software to connect. Connecting businesses to data which is smarter and more accessible with our freight cloud platform. Breathing new life into existing and legacy systems by connecting them with our ready-made integrations. Empowering organizations to find success in cooperation, connected with our growing network of transportation professionals. Connection is the driving force and inspiration at the heart of everything we do. Tranztec is driven to connect.

Tamarind Hill Tranztec Financing

Tranztec to accelerate growth with investment from Tamarind-Hill

Founded in 2001 by experienced executives in the trucking industry, this first-time investment from outside investors will help Tranztec take advantage of a huge market opportunity and drive future growth. Tranztec, a logistics technology leader, announced today it has closed a Series A funding round led by Tamarind Hill based...