It’s more than EDI. It’s The Way You Communicate.

Over the past decade, there has been a strong emergence of load tracking in the logistics industry. Large companies have fueled this trend, making it a standard for doing business while smaller companies have suffered. Logistics companies prefer the flexibility of using small carriers; however, many of these small carriers don’t use EDI or even have mobile communication devices in their trucks due to the high costs associated with adoption.

We look to change this trend by providing you with the technology required to implement EDI while avoiding the costs associated.

We differentiate ourselves from the competition by focusing on a solution-based model that is catered to individual customers and offering services that can be rapidly adopted. Our goal is to solve the problems our customers are facing; we don’t just do EDI for the sake of doing EDI.

Our EDI tool set includes a comprehensive set of features which allows built-in EDI support, decision support services, and extensibility through process automation. EDI can be challenging – formats range from SQL, to xml, to excel books and this makes it extremely expensive and difficult to implement EDI. We will work with you to make this much easier.

Furthermore, we enable you to seamlessly track and communicate with their fleet by utilizing a built-in mobile GPS and wireless network. Our platform facilitates gaining a driver’s arrival and departure status, load and stop information, proof of delivery, and other tracking information then send the necessary EDI messages in real-time.

Additionally, we integrate with your Transport Management Systems (TMS) to work in parallel with the mainstream frameworks. These largescale benefits break down the barriers of logistics and drives lowered costs and streamlined communication.

Our products will change the way you handle EDI by providing tools that enable unparalleled team collaboration and communication across a company and do it at an affordable price.