Driving Visibility Throughout the Supply Chain

Daily global supply chain operations are inherently complicated, and stakeholders all along the supply chain expect real-time, transparent visibility into their shipments. VIA® keeps everyone connected with full omnichannel communications — so shippers, carriers and brokers can have visibility into the information they need precisely when it’s needed. VIA®’s patented configurable graphical card view of load data enables users to easily view and manage loads throughout the fulfillment life cycle.


Deliver seamless visibility and collaboration with customers, breathe new life into legacy TMS systems with integrations to cloud technology, improve operating metrics and increase driver retention.


Provide real-time visibility through integrations with leading telematics solutions and/ or deploy an easy to use, flexible mobile driver workflow and messaging application.


Extend existing TMS systems and gain full shipment visibility, improve efficiencies through real-time communication and collaboration with customers and carriers, and automate the bid process.

“With VIA®, we never have to worry about knowing the status of a shipment. Our customers know the precise location 24/7 at the same time we do. It’s transformed how we communicate.”

John E. Fritzius, GM

John E. Fritzius, GM– Motor Carrier Service

Trusted by leading Carriers and Brokers nationwide.

VIA®: Driven to Connect

At the end of the day, your customers want their freight to reach its destination on time with transparency and visibility at every step in the supply chain. Tranztec is driven to make sure this process runs as smooth as possible for every shipment, every single time so you up to focus your energies on growing your business and widening your profit margin.

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Integration coverage to telematics market


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100% shipment Visibility and Transparent Communication — 100% of the Time. That’s VIA®.