Tranzactor® the freight industry’s most popular integration platform

Tranzactor® is our patented and innovative integration platform designed for the freight industry quickly connecting TMS, telematics, and transportation services with prebuilt integrations. Tranzactor® reflects years of investment and is the technological backbone for hundreds of carrier operations. With its open connector technology and business process automation capabilities Tranzactor® is the VIA foundational hub for providing end to end supply chain integration and automated workflows for streamlined business processes. Telematics partners also leverage Tranzactor® as a standard open connector platform to support their integration efforts with leading TMS applications.

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INTEGRATE: TMS and Telematics

No other platform boasts such an extensive list of integration connections for the leading carrier TMS and telematics providers as Tranzactor®. Deployed at hundreds of carriers with multiple combinations of carrier TMS and telematics integrations, VIA® Connect reflects Tranztec’s extensive fleet management and MobileComm industry knowledge and experience.

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EXTEND: Third party freight services

Introduce integration to critical third-party productivity tools including load optimization, freight rating, imaging, trailer maintenance, trailer tracking, driver onboarding, and load boards. Tranzactor® provides carriers and brokers integrations to multiple types of services, including managing connections to other visibility platforms such Project 44, Fourkites and MacroPoint.

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COMMUNICATE:Your supply chain

Streamlining efficiency and improving productivity in today’s fast paced logistics industry is crucial to staying competitive with the market. If your business is spending countless hours and relying heavily on human resources in order to input, manage and track your freight data across disparate systems, Tranzactor® is a patented and innovative integration platform designed for the freight industry. See our full list of Partners.

Via Connect Automatic Workflow

AUTOMATE: Respond to events instantly

Tranzactor® delivers full featured event driven process automation and advanced decision support. removing mundane, error prone tasks so your teams can focus on what they do best. No other platform delivers the breadth and depth of logistics-focused process automation flows.


Tranzactor® is the culmination of 20 years of professional research and development in the logistics industry. We considered the underlying problems that companies of all sizes and markets face. We did our due diligence by constantly working on creating new innovations and software updates to the suite, ensuring that we are a permanent solution to your problems.


Connect to any combination of TMS and Telematics systems.


Input and output can be customized to suit you unique business needs.


Business data is synchronized across all your platforms.


Visio style workflow editor available for deep customizations and control.
Via on a Laptop for Desktop verison.

VIA is the easiest visibility platform to use. Entering data into multiple systems can lead to mistakes, and errors cost money. Give your customers peace of mind with VIA.