VIA® Mobile

VIA® Mobile conducts business on the go

Your business is constantly on the move, so it makes sense to use tools that move with you. VIA® Mobile, a mobile workflow for freight industry, allows you to pocket and access load information, route plans, and every other VIA® element, whenever and wherever you are. Track and manage loads using only a driver‘s cell phone.

Via Mobile is powered by VIA Connect

Connect: Have it all

Powered by VIA® Connect, our vast integration system that syncs with all major TMS integration platforms and Telematics systems providers. Entering data into multiple systems leads to mistakes, and errors cost money. Save money on the fly with VIA® Mobile.

Via Mobile Start Screens

Visibile:Rest easy

VIA® Mobile integrates with any TMS and provides the driver with a simple to use workflow and instant status updates to your operations teams. Updates can be shared automatically back to your customers eliminating the need for check calls.

VIA Mobile Task

Streamlined: Stay on task

With VIA® Mobile, drivers will always know what to do next. Load-based, guided, modern and driver-centric VIA® Mobile offers on-the-road real-time updates. With on-device validation, input errors are resolved before they begin.

Via Arrive Depart

Easy: Driver happiness

No one wants drivers to constantly have to call dispatch. VIA® Mobile allows drivers to use a single messaging system and not have to keep calling home base…all they need is a cell phone to communicate with dispatch, signal automatic arrival/departure with GEOFencing, capture proof of delivery and much more.


Tranztec’s VIA® Mobile is a fully integrated mobile workflow for freight industry. Allowing third party logistics companies and brokers to track and manage loads using only a driver‘s cell phone. Developed to eliminate time spent tracking carriers and enhance fleet communication the application features:


Assists Driver Workflow because it’s load-based, prompted and guided, modern and driver-centric

Signature Capture

Features signature capture and proof of delivery

Universally Mobile

VIA Mobile can be used on any mobile device

Easy to use

Is simple to use because a driver only sees what they need to see, and that information is entirely customizable


Connected with a vast integration library and syncs with all major
TMS platforms


It keeps drivers happy by using a messaging system and allows them not to have to talk with dispatch

Realtime Visibility

See everything in real-time


Allows you to verify the information, and if incorrectly entered VIA forces the driver to reenter the date and prevents mistakes

VIA Mobile is the easiest visibility platform to use. Entering data into multiple systems can lead to mistakes, and errors cost money. Give your customers peace of mind with VIA Mobile.